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Happy New Year!

So how has 2022 started for you? Are you one of those people who makes resolutions every year only to crash and burn within a week or do you take a more practical approach and find achievable goals? I used to promise myself that I would eat healthier, go dry for January etc but this year my resolution is simply to live my life and stop comparing myself to others.

One thing I do intend to stick to is to exercise daily - I don’t mean that I’m going to exhaust myself by attempting 60 minute workouts but I’m definitely aiming to hit the 10,000 steps per day target and hopefully that will include a walk.

If you want to try to increase your step count and can’t go out for any reason, here’s a short clip which might give you some ideas. It was part of my Advent calendar workout series.

Drop a comment below if you try it.

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