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6 months ago I was happily teaching a Nifty 50's class, 2 small Fitsteps groups and 5 Pilates classes to keep me occupied during retirement and then came lock-down!

In an effort to keep myself sane, I decided to offer my classes online, hoping that a few of my participants might join me. To my absolute delight, nearly all of them ventured with me into the weird and wonderful world of Zoom and things just went from there.

I went back to my roots and started teaching ETM again along with LBT and the craic has been brilliant. My Pilates classes have gone from strength to strength and I have had new participants joining in as we've gone along.

It was lovely to see the reaction of everyone who joined me on Zoom that first week - being able to see and speak to each other after being isolated at home was wonderful and brought a sense of 'normality' for a little while.

Now that the centres are open again, I'm back teaching a few classes face to face but a lot of people are still happy with online classes so they are still going. If anyone had told this retiree 7 months ago that I'd be doing online classes and posting regularly, not only on my own business page but also on Instagram, I would have laughed out loud!

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